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Odout Floor Cleaner Concentrate (For Dogs) 1000 ml

Odout Floor Cleaner Concentrate (For Dogs) 1000 ml

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Variations: For Dogs & For Cats
**For households with both dogs and cats, the cat-specific option is recommended, as the formula is specially designed to tackle the stronger smell of cat urine.

Product Features:

1. Deep Floor Cleaning Solution: Ideal for single or multi-pet homes, this pet-safe floor cleaner is pH balanced to effectively clean up accidents, urine, and messes while reducing stains and harsh scents before they set in.

2. Remove Harsh Pet Odors Fast: Our floor cleaner works quickly to remove pet odors, dander, grease, and dirt stains, helping you maintain a cleaner, more comfortable home for your family and guests.

3. All-Natural, High-Quality Formula: Like other ODOUT pet products, our pet urine enzyme cleaner uses natural ingredients to clean surfaces and eliminate smells, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

4. Supports Tons of Different Surfaces: This fragrance-free cleaner is safe for a variety of fabric and flooring materials, including tile, car seats, pet crate training plastic bottoms, cotton, and more.

5. Available for Cats or Dogs: We offer our cleaner in two versions—one for cats and one for dogs—to provide more effective support tailored to your pet's needs. Choose the right one for your home.

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