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Bonapetreat Cow Ears Natural Pet Chews

Bonapetreat Cow Ears Natural Pet Chews

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Cow Ear Regular All Natural Dog Treats by Bonapetreat

1 piece, Regular size—6+ inches

Product Features:
1. Ingredient/s: 100% Cow ears—a single ingredient treat containing no bones.
Size & Amount:
2. Mental and Physical Stimulation: Chewing is one of the best activities to stimulate dogs mentally and physically, making this treat ideal for indoor play.
3. 100% Edible and Digestible: This product is 100% edible and digestible, ensuring a safe and enjoyable chewing experience.
4. A chew perfect for small to large breeds, catering to a variety of canine sizes.
5. Free from Unwanted Additives: This treat is free from preservatives, colorings, flavorings, and additives—keeping it natural and pure.

Storage Tips:
Keep away from direct sunlight, store in an airtight container, and refrigerate to extend shelf life.

Precaution & Disclaimer:
Always have a water bowl nearby when feeding chews. Supervise your pets during chewing sessions.
For chews with bones, discard any piece or splinter that comes off to prevent choking or indigestion.

Feed Accordingly:
Understand your pet's chewing habits, as every dog is different.

Variability Disclaimer:
Product size, length, and color may vary, ensuring a unique and delightful experience for your pet.

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