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Bonapetreat Horse Liver Natural Pet Treats - 50g

Bonapetreat Horse Liver Natural Pet Treats - 50g

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Horse Liver All Natural Dog Treats by Bonapetreat - 50g

Product Features:
1. Ideal for Puppy Training: Elevate your puppy's training sessions with our Horse Training Treats—an excellent choice for both taste and nutrition.
2. Pure Horse Goodness: Every bag is packed with 100% Horse, air-dried at lower temperatures to preserve essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring optimal nutrition.
3. Crunchy Versatility: Experience the satisfying crunch of these treats, perfect for breaking into smaller pieces during training, serving as a delightful treat, or adding extra nutrients to your pup's bowls.
4. Minimally Processed: Embracing simplicity, these treats are minimally processed to maintain the natural goodness of Horse, providing a wholesome snack for your furry friend.
5. Easily Breakable: Convenience at its best—these treats are easily breakable, allowing you to tailor the size to your pup's preferences.
6. Free from Unwanted Additives: Say goodbye to preservatives, colorings, flavorings, additives, and chemicals—our treats are a pure and untainted delight for your pup.
7. Single Ingredient Treat: With 100% Horse as the sole ingredient, these treats exemplify the beauty of a single-ingredient, all-natural approach.
8. Nourishing and Natural: Treat your pup to a natural and nutrient-rich experience, free from unnecessary additives and filled with the wholesome goodness of Horse.


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