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Bonapetreat Seafood Herring Natural Pet Treats - 100g

Bonapetreat Seafood Herring Natural Pet Treats - 100g

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Seafood Herring All Natural Dog Treats by Bonapetreat - 100g

Product Features:
1. Pure Transparency, Pure Flavor: Dive into the transparent sourcing of our Herring Treats, meticulously selected from seasonal fish for a delightful and nutritious experience.
2. High-Value Nutrition: These treats are not just a treat—they're high-value additions to your pets' meals, enriching their diet with the goodness of 100% Herring.
3. Wild Caught Goodness: Embrace the wild with our 100% Herring treats, minimally processed to preserve the natural essence of each fish.
4. Air-Dried Excellence: Every bag is filled with 100% Herring, air-dried at lower temperatures to safeguard the essential fatty acids (EFAs) found in each fish, ensuring optimal nutritional benefits.
5. Simple Ingredient Brilliance: Our treats boast a single ingredient—100% air-dried herring—keeping it simple and honest for your pet's enjoyment.
6. Free from Unwanted Additives: Say goodbye to preservatives, colorings, flavorings, additives, and chemicals—our treats are a pure and untainted delight for your pet's palate.
7. All-Natural Indulgence: Treat your furry friend to an all-natural, single-ingredient delight, where the goodness of herring shines through in every bite.
8. Preserving Essential Nutrients: We take care to air-dry at lower temperatures, ensuring the preservation of crucial essential fatty acids in each fish for the well-being of your pet.

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