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Bonapetreat Slipmouth Crisps Natural Pet Treats - 30g

Bonapetreat Slipmouth Crisps Natural Pet Treats - 30g

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Slipmouth Crisps All Natural Treats for Dogs and Cats by Bonapetreat - 30g

Product Features:
1. Seasonal Fish Extravaganza!
Transparently sourced for your peace of mind, our Slipmouth Treats are a high-value addition to your pet's meals and a delightful treat.
2. 100% Slipmouth Goodness:
Unleash the wild with our treats—100% Slipmouth, minimally processed and wild-caught for a genuine and nutritious snacking experience.
3. Nothing But the GOOD Stuff:
Embrace simplicity with every bag containing 100% Air-dried Slipmouth. Our air-drying process ensures lower temperatures, preserving the essential fatty acids (EFAs) found in each fish.
4. Weight:
Each bag packs 30 grams of pure Slipmouth delight—a wholesome treat for your furry friend.
5. Whole Catch, Whole Treat:
These treats are presented whole due to the size of the catch, ensuring an authentic and satisfying snacking experience for your pet.
6. Free from Unwanted Additives:
Enjoy treats that are free from preservatives, colorings, flavorings, additives, and chemicals. It's a pure and untainted delight for your pet's discerning palate.
7. All-Natural Indulgence:
Treat your pet to an all-natural, single-ingredient delight, where the genuine flavor of Slipmouth shines through in every bite.
8. Preserving Essential Nutrients:
Our commitment to air-drying at lower temperatures ensures the preservation of crucial essential fatty acids in each Slipmouth, promoting the well-being of your pet.

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