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Odout Fabric Cleaner (For Dogs) 1000 ml

Odout Fabric Cleaner (For Dogs) 1000 ml

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Variant: For Dogs & Cats
**For households with both dogs and cats, the cat-specific option is recommended, as the formula is specially designed to tackle the stronger smell of cat urine.

Product Features:
1. pH Neutral Formula: A gentle and non-irritating cleaner with a slight floral scent, perfect for sensitive surfaces and noses.

2. Eliminates Dander, Grease & Dirt: The specialized formula penetrates deep into fabrics for thorough cleaning.

3. Easy Odor Removal: Simply soak for 30 minutes to break down and eliminate dander, grease, and dirt.

4. No Fluorescent Agents Added: Provides a safe and natural cleaning solution for household use.

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